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When Bentley owners are the have-nots

That’s nice, but do you own a sports team?
You’d think Bentley and Bugatti owners would travel in the same social circles. They’re all superrich, right?

Well, Wolfgang Durheimer, CEO of both of the Volkswagen Group-owned brands, makes it sound like the Bentleys and Bugattis live on the other side of the tracks from each other.

Durheimer described the typical owners of each brand at the Automotive News World Congress this month. He said those exceptionally affluent Bentley buyers frequently own their own businesses. They fly first class, stay in the best rooms at five-star hotels and when attending a football game, whether soccer or American football, watch it from the comfort of their own luxury suite at the stadium.

On average, they have eight cars.

But contrast that with Bugatti owners. On average, Durheimer said, they own 64 cars, and when they travel, they fly their own jet or helicopter (they typically have three of each).

They stay in hotels they own, and when they take in a football game, he says, they are usually watching a team that they own.

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