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How Long Does €4000 In Cash Last In A Dublin Carpark?

Over one hundred people have taken advantage of free money. A scrap car was submerged in €4,000 of coins in a Dublin car park in a stunt by SKODA.

Raymond Leddy, Head of Marketing at ŠKODA Ireland, said “We viewed this as a social experiment of sorts and had no idea how people would react to it when we plonked a scrap car into €4,000 of coins in a public car park.”

“It turns out the people of Dublin are remarkably honest – it took a full hour before anyone was brave enough to pick up the coins and claim them as their own”.

A number of people said they would be donating the coins they collected to charity.

The stunt was mounted by ŠKODA Ireland to launch their new scrappage deal which allows you to transform your old car into €4,000 when you trade it in for a new ŠKODA model.

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