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REPORT: Ireland’s used car industry booming

REPORT: Ireland's used car industry booming
DoneDeal, Ireland’s most visited website for buying and selling cars, has released new data on the performance of its Motor Section in 2016, giving an insight into Ireland’s rapidly growing used car industry and the nation’s favourite cars.

The data showed that the value of goods advertised on DoneDeal’s Motor Section in 2016 was a staggering €5.4 billion, which equates to €14.8 million in the value of goods advertised on the site each day. A record number of ads were also placed on the Motor Section of the website in 2016, as almost one million (991,734) ads were advertised, representing an increase of 9.3% on 2015 figures.

Ireland’s favourite car brands and colours were also revealed, as the data found that the Volkswagen Golf was the top selling car on DoneDeal in 2016, followed by Ford Focus, VW Passat, BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. In total, 663,336 cars were advertised on DoneDeal in 2016, highlighting the massive growth of used car sales in Ireland. Black cars were confirmed as the nation’s favourite car colour, with black as the top selling car colour on DoneDeal, followed by blue, grey, red and white cars.

DoneDeal also experienced growth in car dealerships advertising on its Motor Section, as the number of ads placed by car dealers increased by 21% in 2016, with the number of car dealers subscribing to DoneDeal also up 17%.

Cathal Cremen, Commercial Manager of DoneDeal’s Motor Section, commented on the data results; “2016 proved to be another exceptional year for DoneDeal in terms of traffic growth and adverts placed on the site.  Once again our Motor Section proved to be the most popular section of the site with 663,336 cars alone advertised on DoneDeal in 2016.

“A significant feature of DoneDeal’s success in 2016 was the increase in the number of car dealerships now subscribing to DoneDeal.  This is very much a reflection of the commitment and investment that DoneDeal has been making to ensure we deliver a quality service for our clients. We look forward to continuing to grow the Motor Section in 2017 and remaining the most visited website for buying and selling cars in Ireland” he said.

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