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Retire Your Ride – Canadian Vehicle Recycling

Retire Your Ride is an initiative of The Government of Canada, Summerhill Impact and its partners, designed to enable people to get their high-polluting cars off the road and reward them for doing so. The program is committed to improving air quality by responsibly recycling vehicles and aims to retire at least 50,000 vehicles per year.

If you have a car that needs retiring, we’ll recycle its parts in an environmentally responsible way, and reward you for it.

Reducing Emissions and Saving the Environment

Did you know that 1995 model year and older vehicles produce 19 times more smog-forming pollutants than 2004 and newer models?

By ensuring that vehicles are properly recycled, we can prevent the release of toxins into the environment. By retiring vehicles earlier, you’ll be helping reduce harmful emissions.

Results so far



# of vehicles accepted into the program * # of vehicles permanently retired ** # of participating recyclers
Alberta 4,262 2,282 21
British Columbia 7,795 7,789 2
Manitoba 2,200 1,052 4
New Brunswick 717 559 12
Newfoundland and Labrador 478 301 7
Nova Scotia 1,218 1,071 21
Ontario 22,844 17,153 115
Quebec 13,133 7,882 52
Prince Edward Island 334 291 5
Saskatchewan 2,071 1,199 15
Total 54,962 39,579 254

*Total number of vehicles accepted into the program.
**Total number of all vehicles completely off the road and handed over to recyclers.

Who Can Participate?

Eligible participants must be owners of 1995 or older model year vehicles that are in running condition and have been registered and insured in their names in Canada for the previous consecutive 6 months.

NOTE: If you are a resident of British Columbia, please visit to view program requirements in your province.


We offer participants a wide range of rewards to retire their vehicles. When you Retire Your Ride, we will ensure that it is recycled responsibly, and give you rewards that encourage you to use environmentally-friendly transportation, including a public transit pass or a membership to a car-sharing program, $300 cash or a rebate on the purchase of a 2004 and newer vehicle.

In some regions, you could also receive a charitable tax receipt. So, not only are you helping to improve the environment, you’re contributing to charities.

To qualify, your vehicle needs to meet the following guidelines:

Your vehicle must start and move
Your vehicle is currently fully insured and registered in your name and has been for the past 6 consecutive months (minimum) prior to the date of application
Your vehicle must be for personal use
Your vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating must be under 3856 kg (8,500 lbs)
Your vehicle is complete with no parts removed
All liens (parking tickets, 407 fees, etc.) must be paid off before donation of your vehicle
Personal vehicles that are used for a small business may be considered.


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