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Tips when selling your car

If you are trying to sell your car you will benefit from these tips. If you are taking photos remember that poor or substandard photos will make your car less attractive to the potential buyers. You’ll want to catch the buyer’s attention and let the car sell itself. There are many cars on the market today so you’ll have to be very good at taking a great picture to get the most benefit out of this for your car.

Always start by taking your absolute best possible picture of your car. If you don’t have a good SLR camera find someone who does and ask them to get a picture for you.

Start by washing your car. Pay special attention to the finer details of the car. Clean the wheels and shine up the windows to give your car a nice detailed look.


You are having a photographer take a picture of your car and you want it to look its absolute best. Choose the golden hour to take your picture. The lighting will be much better and your picture will turn out much better.

Have the photo taken in your driveway, an isolated location or a scenic location for best results. This way, your car will be the sole focus of the photo shoot. Have multiple angles of the car taken in the photo shoot. You should strive for at least 5 separate images of your car. Three of these images should be the outside of the car. One should be the engine and the other should be the interior of the car.

Always take images at eye level. This gives the potential buyer a better idea of how the car actually looks.

Its best to be creative with angles and let the camera do the work. Check cars for sale online and see what images they used and to what advantage it was to use such images. This should help you to find an ideal way to shoot the car and capture the best possible image of your car for your photo shoot.

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